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It’s Record Store Day tomorrow and whilst there’s been lots of negative stuff written about the way the event now offers very little to both small independent shops and labels it’s still probably a good day to get down and show your support for your local or maybe even check it out for the first time. We’re not involved in any specific way though you will be able to find copies of The Black Lamps LP in many stores up and down the country. If you’re a Barnsley local, please do visit Debut Records or Vinyl Underground if you can find the time on Saturday, they both have plenty to offer. Anyway, to convince you just how good all things independent are, here’s a summary of things that kind folk have written concerning just how good that The Black Lamps debut album is:

“I still ache to wax lyrical about The Black Lamps. It makes me so happy to discover a ‘new’ band of this quality”
9/10 [sic] Magazine

“This fusion of skills and penchants for wide ranging genres is evident throughout. The majority of the tracks glide from ambient to atmospheric and invigorating, fully incorporating each. If you were to daydream whilst listening to this on a bus you could suddenly find yourself somewhere unexpected.”
8/10 Counterfeit Magazine

“Steady and slow building, each track is full of smoky yet upbeat guitar riffs are perfect for rainy days or early mornings.”
4/5 Never Enough Notes

“The Black Lamps is a superb debut from a band of musicians who continue to reinvent themselves. We’re not sure on the past bands’ material but right now The Black Lamps are sitting very nicely in our good books. This record is great”
Exploding Head Syndrome

“These guys are amazing. The band manages to create imaginative and vast music whilst never losing sight of the original direction of the song.  There is no inkling of any self-indulgent sections and you get the impression that every note played and every beat of the drum struck has been crafted for the most purest of reasons; the song.”
Subba Cultcha

“Search this band out. Listen to this album and beg them to come play your town.”
Alternative Barnsley/Louder Than War

“If there is such a thing as responsible hedonism or youthful maturity, the Black Lamps are precisely that. For all their outspoken lack of ambition or desire for commercial success, if they continue producing albums of such quality as this one, they might not have a choice.”
Pure M Magazine

a stunning selection of melodiously crafted ‘shuffle and repeat’ tracks that John Peel would have been happy to feature”
Ralph’s Life

“Growing out a this little synth seed, it gently unfurls with the addition of guitars and drums, before it grows into this brooding indie pop, the echoeing, slightly melancholy vocals only adding to the feeling. Added to that though are swathes of fuzz and noise which almost take over towards the end, and make it something special.”
Backseat Mafia

“Towards the end, “Gene Pool” features soaring, shimmering guitars and has the whole melancholy feel down to a tee. Nice – I’ve got plenty of time for music like this.”
Collective Zine

News on ONI17 next week…

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