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Lyndon Scarfe
Layers i | Layers ii | Murmur

The Black Lamps
The Smoking Party

The Exhibition
Roma | Forward in Arms | Beginning and Ending | Fall  | Finis | Some SubalternA VoidLingua Franca Balancing ActThe Boy & the TearawayThings That Hide in the Dark  | ReactionBright New Worlds

Aztec Doll
BowdlerizeRag Doll | Red Blood | EndlesslySuddenly I’m Outside MyselfFlower

McCarthy Vigil
Luxury Pets | Swell Guy | The Wives

Alvarez Kings
Fractured Bones and Reputations | A Means To An End

South Sun City Blues

The Favio Bechthold Situation
Sebulba’s Radish Garden | Lowest Far Left Area (Demo)

Dan Williamson
ELLA S. D. | Jenny Didn’t Erase Me | Champions League Wednesday Nights | Sunday Come Down | Cained and Disabled | Joey Bowie | Magical Bear | Hospital Bed

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