The Exhibition – Carry to the End | released today


CD in hand-stamped and hand-numbered EcoSleeve with full colour lyrics insert available from ONI Records, Debut Records and Wah Wah Records.

Digital at: itunes | AmazonONI Records | Deezer | Emusic | 7Digital | Google Play

“Carry to the End is the sound of The Exhibition at their height- filled with passion and utter conviction… The band is not merely about power and electricity; when they allow their tones to calm and quell, they can be hugely effective – it seems they are possible of anything.” 9.2/10 Music Musings and Such.

“Some of the most animalistic and carnivorous guitar work .The layers and different strands come together splendidly; the song shifts and develops- retaining its muscular and focused core. Keeping the listener guessing, the coda keeps snaking and slinking; shifting its tail and making you sweat” Liquid Radio

“Guitar dominated dark elegance. One of the best new songs I’ve heard in a long time.” Schallgrenzen

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