Various Artists – Things That Aren’t There: A Corner of Barnsley Counter Culture

‘Things That Aren’t There’ is a 17-track digital compilation album of Barnsley-centric musicians, available for free or in exchange for a small donation to the Willow Foundation – a charity that organises special days for seriously ill 16 to 40 year-olds. Please give what you can afford or might see fit. Click the banner below to download and donate. Thank You.

Artwork downloads: High-res front cover | Print & cut your own sleeve

All copyright remains with the respective artist(s) and/or label [Details below]
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Imoko set | The Exhibiton | Cocean | The NorthRichard Kitson
McCarthy Vigil | Penguin | The Favio Bechthold Situation | Goldsoul
Charlie North | Liam Stewart | The GlavinsGoodbye Good | Mynas
Gilmore & Roberts | Lyndon Scarfe | Kafka

Thanks to; Ross F, Hattie, Jamie, Pete, Joel, Ross H, David, Nev, Tom, James, Richard, Dave O, Ange, Mark, Favio, Dave M, Charlie, Liam, Mark, Brian, Ed, Del, Martin, Jamie, Lyndon, Calvin.



Album Artwork
Hattie Lockwood: Still Scared of Spiders

Additional Artwork and Poster Design
D. Whitman: Kojiki Design

Cocean | “Just Like Before”
From the “Pictures Fade” EP
Written by Cocean, recorded and produced by Jason Sanderson and Ross Hooley

The Exhibition | “Bright New Worlds”
Written by The Exhibition, produced by Dave Sanderson

The Favio Bechthold Situation | “Sebulba’s Radish Garden”
From the “Folk in Hell” EP
Written and produced by Favio Bechthold

Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts | “All I’ve Known”
Ⓒ + Ⓟ GR! Records 2010
From the album “Up From the Deep”
Written by J. Roberts, produced by Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts

The Glavins | “Time Machine”
Written by The Glavins

Goldsoul | “South Sun City Blues”
Written by Denton/Mapson/Pegg, produced by Ben Ridley at Eye On the Wall Recordings

Goodbye Good | “Coast To Coast”
Written, performed and recorded by Goodbye Good @ The Cellardoor Recording Co. Rotherham

Imoko Set | “This Is The Language”
Written by Briggs/Haigh/Hunt/Johnstone/Richards, produced by Part-time Productions

Kafka | “[WIP] Rice Chrispian Missionaries”
Written and produced by Kafka

Richard Kitson | “Low Tide
From the album “Home and Dry”
Written by Richard Kitson, produced by Richard Kitson and Dean Jordan

McCarthy Vigil | “Rosa Amalfitano
Written and produced by McCarthy Vigil

Mynas | “Retreat”
From the album “Mynas”
Written by Del Scott Miller, produced by Dean Jordan

Charlie North | “Early Morning Call”
Ⓒ 2008 CHN Lancaster
From the album “The Spaces Inbetween”
Written, recorded and produced by Charlie North

The North | “This Pleasure”
Written by The North

Penguin | “Where We Are”
From the EP “This Is Believing”
Written by Penguin, recorded at Soundstation Studio Horbury

Lyndon Scarfe | “Untitled #1″
Written and produced by Lyndon Scarfe

Liam Stewart | “Bird Of Prey”
Taken from the album “Sixteen Words”
Written and produced by Liam Stewart

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