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Of National Importance Records 2009-2015 (…and a bit more)

The crown
Of National Importance Records is pretty much over. Possibly for a long while but maybe forever. The shop is still open for downloads and shipping of the last few physical releases and will remain so for as long as God allows. Below is everything that remains of ONI…
Shop here
ONI19: Lyndon Scarfe | Music for a Lost Film 2 | Digital | Free Download
ONI18: Lyndon Scarfe | Layers EP | Digital | Free Download
ONI17: Various Artists | Misophonic Minds: ACOBCC | Download £2
ONI16: L.L. Owler | After Yourself | Free Download
ONI15: The Black Lamps | The Black Lamps | LP £12/CD £7/Download £5
ONI14: The Exhibition | Carry to the End | CD Unavailable/Download £1
ONIP05: The Exhibition | Finis | Free Download
ONI13: Aztec Doll | Bowdlerize | Free Download
ONI12: The Exhibition | Roma/Forward in Arms | Free Download
ONI11: McCarthy Vigil | McCarthy Vigil | Free Download
ONI10: The Exhibition | Man Proposes, God Disposes | Free Download
ONI09: Aztec Doll | Endlessly | Free Download
ONI08: Various Artists | Pareidolia | CD  Unavailable/Download £1/T-shirt Unavailable
ONI07: Alvarez Kings | Cold Conscience | Unavailable
ONIP04: The Favio Bechthold Situation | Folk in Hell | Free Download
ONIP03: Alvarez Kings | Walking in the Air | Free Download
ONI5.5: Various Artists | The Dechaired EP | Unavailable
ONI05: GoldSoul | Blood Red | 7″ Vinyl £2.50/Download £1
ONI04: Alvarez Kings | Patience Is Strength | Unavailable
ONI03:Various Artists | Things That Aren’t There: ACOBCC | Free Download
ONIP02: Dan Williamson | Breaking Tables | Free Download
ONI02: The Exhibition | The Crown/Coma | Vinyl Unavailable/Download £1
ONIP01: The Exhibition | Balancing Act/Lingua Franca | Free Download
ONI01: Alvarez Kings | The Sequel | Unavailable
ONI00: The Exhibition | 4-Track Demo EP | Free Download
Top Image by Hattie Lockwood

Misophonic Minds: Another Corner of Barnsley Counter Culture


Of National Importance Records is off on a sabbatical. But ONI17 is here and it’s great, honestly…

Misophonic Minds‘ is a compilation of music from artists either based or originating from Barnsley, South Yorkshire. The nineteen tracks are available as a digital download for just £3 – at least 15 of these you will not have heard before and will not find anywhere else. Once them terrorising thugs at Paypal have had their minimal cut , all of that money will be donated to Willow Foundation; a charity that organises very nice things for young people who are very unwell. You can find the compilation available to download or stream here.

Included are the first ever tracks released by Tender FirsFilm and Peter Dand; brand new and unheard recordings from Aztec DollMcCarthy VigilCharlie Northrama zuLyndon Scarfe and Liam Stewart; Exclusive premiers of tracks from forthcoming releases by Garforth & MyersExplorers Society and Del Scott Miller; an alternate mix of a track from The Black Lamps debut record; a likely last ever recording from The Exhibition and more from BrujaHeavy SunsRichard Kitson and Sarah-Jane. There’s also something special from Diskettes Fore Minor to close things off and maybe even some more to come. Downloading the compilation will also provide you with a very cool digital booklet – a first for us – that contains links and information on all the artists involved. The booklet is the very skilful work of Jamie Briggs and uses a fine illustration by Hattie Lockwood.

For more on the bands involved; see here, read the booklet or click a song title on the Bandcamp page.

Elsewhere, we don’t have too much physical stuff left in the ONIR shop but we do have the last few copies of Pareidolia and Carry to the End at a reduced price along with The Black Lamps album and  T-shirts & hats. The download store is full of free stuff including a few things that have been added on the hush over the last year.

On the price: Bandcamp does allow you the opportunity to donate a little more than £3 for the pleasure of downloading the compilation, if you so wish, but we really are not asking it of you. We know lots of people are a little short for a luxury of this kind and if plenty of people gave the £3 and, almost as importantly, found some new music that they enjoyed then that would make lots of people happy. If you really don’t want any of your money going to them rotters at Paypal, then just donate directly to Willow Foundation, let us know and we’ll send you a download code.

Thanks to everyone for everything.

ONIR interviewed by Alternative Barnsley

Long Division presents King Street Krawl | 14.09.14

KingStreetKrawlPosterCorrectedA little something we’ve organised with our friends at Clue Records, Philophobia Music and Sticky Shoes. Taking place on the Sunday of Long Division festival, King Street Krawl will feature 16 bands performing between The Inns of Court and Players Bar, both located on King Street of Wakefield. The event will be absolutely free and will end before 9pm giving you plenty of time for the last train home.

Performing Live will be: Bad Grammer, Beesley, Bi:Lingual, The Black Lamps, Bruja, Buen Chico, Clandestines, Colour Me Wednesday, The Do’s, Esper Scout, The Exhibition, Humans as Ornaments, Hysterical Injury, Inlaze., McCarthy Vigil and Runaround Kids

If you’re around for the Saturday of Long Division – which of course you should be since the bleeding Wedding Present AND Post War Glamour Girls are both playing – then Barnsley’s fine and humble music scene will also be represented by Aztec Doll on the Unity Hall Minor Stage  and Gilmore and Roberts at Westgate Chapel. Fancy that.

Sample King Street Krawl audibly below:


The Exhibition – Carry to the End | released today


CD in hand-stamped and hand-numbered EcoSleeve with full colour lyrics insert available from ONI Records, Debut Records and Wah Wah Records.

Digital at: itunes | AmazonONI Records | Deezer | Emusic | 7Digital | Google Play

“Carry to the End is the sound of The Exhibition at their height- filled with passion and utter conviction… The band is not merely about power and electricity; when they allow their tones to calm and quell, they can be hugely effective – it seems they are possible of anything.” 9.2/10 Music Musings and Such.

“Some of the most animalistic and carnivorous guitar work .The layers and different strands come together splendidly; the song shifts and develops- retaining its muscular and focused core. Keeping the listener guessing, the coda keeps snaking and slinking; shifting its tail and making you sweat” Liquid Radio

“Guitar dominated dark elegance. One of the best new songs I’ve heard in a long time.” Schallgrenzen

ONI14 | The Exhibition | Carry to the End | Pre-Order


Carry to the End, the new EP from The Exhibition can be pre-ordered from today. The four tracks that make up the EP were recorded earlier this year with long time collaborator Dave Sanderson of 2fly Studios and were mastered by Tom Woodhead (formerly of ¡Forward, Russia! fame) at Hippocratic Mastering (The Cribs, Hookworms, Post War Glamour Girls). You can hear the full version of lead track Artery below and sample the other songs via the pre-order links.

Pre-order CD/digital/bundles at: ONI Records | itunes | Amazon

The Exhibition will be playing a few gigs from now until the end of year, most of which they’ve yet to confirm, though you’ll next be able to hear them live on Penistone FM on the 15th of August and/or see them live later that month on 29th for a special launch show presented by Alternative Barnsley. Keep your eyes on The Exhibition’s new website for updates – – where you’ll currently find some brand new photographs taken by Sally Lomas and a free download of new track Finis.

And finally, a video set to music:

ONIP05 | The Exhibition | Finis | Free Download


Finis by The Exhibition. Available to download for free:

Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Direct MP3

Tell me you love me
Tell me we’re through
Show me the garden
A gentian blue
Tell me the part that I play in this
I tell you it’s dark in a forest
Tell me you love me
I am adored
Turn your back on me
Where have you gone?
Tell me the part that I play in this

Lost my head
I’m a dead man
All in all out I fall
Under the tables
Under your laws

Tell me you love me
My head is a mess
Unspeakable sins
Do your eyes confess
Tell me the part that I play in this
I tell you it’s dark in a forest
Tell me you love me
And this I deplore
We cannot go on
Void of esprit de corps
The clip in your hair
I found in my drawer

Lost my head
I’m a dead man
All in all out I fall
Under the tables
Under your laws

All in, all out
Al in, I fall out
All in, all out
All in, I fall out

All in, all out
All in, all out
All in, all out
All in, all out

The Exhibition | Roma/Forward in Arms | ONI12

Totti SleeveMaybe you’ve heard these songs before, maybe not. Either way, Roma and Forward in Arms by The Exhibition are available to download completely free of charge for the first time by clicking that picture of Francesco above. The tracks were recorded way back in 2011 with Alan Smyth at 2fly studios but are made available today to mark the beginning of lots of new The Exhibition material to be released over the coming months. The bulk of that will come in the form of an EP – made up of four songs you definitely will not have heard – released towards the end of summer, along with something special to bridge the wait.

Roma Mp3/Lyrics | Forward in Arms Mp3/Lyrics

There are lots more dates to come, but below are a few places you’ll be able to catch The Exhibition playing live in the near future. Amongst others, we’ll be confirming a very special night in conjunction with Alternative Barnsley to coincide with the release of that new material soon, so keep your eyes on this page here for news on that front.

25/05/2014 The Pig Gig @ The Rose & Crown Worsbrough
21/06/2014 Live in Barnsley Festival @ Venue TBC
24/06/2014 Supporting The Wire @ West Street Live Sheffield

Wah Wah Records | The Return of New Music

WahWahRecordsWe’re very happy to see that another beautiful looking record shop will be opening close by tomorrow (Tuesday 01/04/14). Wah Wah Records is located on Brook Street in Wakefield and will be selling just about everything by the looks; new releases, second hand gems and ONI releases, which we are of course ever grateful for. Please do drop by and take a look when you get the chance or get yourself excited now by having a peak on Facebook or Twitter.

The great man behind Wah Wah appeared on BBC Leeds Introducing last Saturday evening and quite brilliantly played a very very new track by The Exhibition named Artery. You can listen to that again by clicking here (28 minutes in). That link will only be live until the 4th of April and then that will most likely be the last you’ll hear of Artery until it’s released in a grander format with some other tracks in the summer. There will be more to come from The Exhibition in the coming weeks though.

Finally, we are very excited to be releasing some brand new material from McCarthy Vigil in the form of an EP which will be available to download very soon. These are the first new recordings the band have released since Chinese Candle appeared on the Pareidolia compilation last year and they sound absolutely fantastic if we do say so ourself. There will be a lot more details on that next week – we promise – but for now you can enjoy an ear taster in the form of The Wives below:

And here’s some words from other sources to prove just how good McCarthy Vigil are:

“McCarthy Vigil know exactly when and how to break it down and inject some balls” Bearded Magazine
“Soaked in echo and showcasing singer Andy Sutcliffe’s delicate, emotion tinged vocals, before flowering into a lovely indiepop singalong” Backseat Mafia
“Finger-picked folk melodies combine with tremolo Bright Eyes-like vocals unfolding like a Sunday morning stretch, with a lovely head-nodding coda over slippery chiming guitar sonics” Sounds XP
“Measured, hushed, atmospheric and sedate” 9/10  Whisperinandhollerin
“McCarthy Vigil have an exciting rawness and an honesty to their sound which could grow into something really interesting” Leeds Music Scene
“Angular Talking Heads rhythms and an amazing agitated energy that really excited me.”  Alternative Barnsley

ONI10 | Man Proposes, God Disposes | Download


The first new proper release from The Exhibition in a fairly long time is finally upon us. Man Proposes, God Disposes is four tracks again recorded with Alan Smyth at 2fly Studios and is hopefully the first of a couple of releases in 2013. You can download the whole thing for free from Bandcamp or as direct mp3s below. Lyrics for these tracks and for all other The Exhibition releases can be found over at their website here. Artwork is by Jon Dunford.

1. Beginning and Ending mp3
2. Fall mp3
3. Some Subaltern mp3
4. A Void mp3

Other Words for Pareidolia

A selection of nice things that have been written about our recent compilation EP

“In case you’d not twigged this release yells quality from beginning to end, and if it sounds like I’m on some music journo hype quest, then sure, I’m guilty as charged – simply because this release is one to get excited about.” 9/10 Christopher Nosnibor for Whisperinandhollerin

“This whole album, from the tracks, to the recordings, to the artwork gives a true feeling of a home made product and, sometimes, it is just very pleasant and overwhelming to go back to the roots. Full of discoveries and talent, this album is a must-listen!” Emillie Devillet for Music News

“As soon as the CD stops spinning, I play the whole thing again, and again, and again. Paredolia is the fire in the belly that burns in so many smalls towns like ours. Its creativity and quality sits far above most other bands, yet seldom gets noticed by those out there in the big cities. Dark, brooding and ultimately uplifting, Pareidolia is really a true record of national importance.” Jason White for Alternative Barnsley

“I don’t need to have Pareidolia, or experience it or whatever to look into this compilation and see some bright futures.”  Backseat Mafia

“By all indications this collection is proof that Barnsley is ready to be put on the musical map. Well, for something other than being the birthplace of Saxon” Mary Chang for There Goes the Fear