Aztec Doll


photograph by Aztec Doll

Formed in May 2012, Barnsley based alternative rock band Aztec Doll have been writing their own material from day one. Drawing upon influences such as; The Cure, PJ Harvey, Siouxsie & The Banshees and many others,  Roxanna Mitchell (vocals/guitar), Lee Garforth (bass/vocals/melodica), Hayley Youell (synth/vocals)  and Joel Cheetham (drums) have managed to create a dark yet inviting sound.

Despite a relatively short lifespan, the band has already earned support slots with acclaimed bands such as Nine Black Alps, Allusondrugs, Post War Glamour Girls, Wussy, Bleech and OK Social Club. In 2014 alone the band played Clarence Park Festival, Long Division, Newfound Festival, Live in Barnsley and Oakwell Festival.

Their debut release ‘Endlessly’ was quickly followed up with the EP Bowdlerize, both of which were recorded with Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys, The Long Blondes) at 2fly studios in Sheffield. Both releases can be downloaded for free from

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“‘Endlessly’ finds singer Roxanna Mitchell by turn delicately haunting and scathingly sharp as she assets her dominance over an insistent and atmospheric guitar line. As much Skeletal Family or Ghost Dance as Siouxsie or The Cure, Aztec Doll have definitely got the goth-tinged post-punk sound nailed.” 9/10 Whisperinandhollerin

“A band that are making some waves on the local scene. Fronted by Roxanna Mitchell, the band play this kind of retor post-punk, crashy guitars, subtle synths, Siouxsie and the Banshees play Soft Cell, sort of thing, and trust me, that’s got to be something good.” Backseat Mafia

“They have created an EP that satisfies everything I loved about their first EP, yet they have developed their sound so that they manage to surprise me at every single turn. Aztec Doll have subtly evolved, being now less alt-rock and more ethereal and gothic dream-pop. It’s a smart move, and now they stand even further out in that field of their own.”
Alternative Barnsley

“Lyrical lonerism at its finest” 8/10 There Goes The Fear

“Full of dark nihilism and motorik magic, Electrelane-like jagged guitars, ringing electronics.” Sounds XP

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