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ONI19 | Lyndon Scarfe | Music for a Lost Film: Volume 2


The second release from Lyndon Scarfe through ONI Records, and Lyndon’s second “fake” soundtrack album, is released today as a digital download. Music for a Lost Film: Volume 2 can be streamed or or downloaded or a “pay what you like” basis via Bandcamp:

2014’s album ‘Music for a Lost Film‘ released via blocsonic, though not officially a soundtrack, was written, created and sequenced with an imaginary film in mind. Repeating motifs and phrases, atmospheric pieces sitting alongside dynamic work, a variety of moods and an ever changing landscape, it was compared in style to the soundtrack work of Cliff Martinez, John Carpenter & Clint Mansell – available to download from

This second volume follows the approach of the first volume but is more focused, with an intentionally narrower range of textures, tones and styles, less obviously an electronic piece and emphasising strings and noise to create a more atmospheric work.


ONI18 | Lyndon Scarfe | Layers EP


Of National Importance Records is sort of back for a bit! And there’s obviously new music…

Layers is an EP of ambient/experimental/electronic music from Lyndon Scarfe guitarist in The Black Lamps and keyboard player for The Danse Society in a former life.

You can download the 3 tracks for free at Bandcamp, Soundloud or via the mp3s below:

Layers i | Layers ii | Murmur

Layers precedes an full album of music from Scarfe (which will be released on the 10th of February through ONIR) and is the follow up to 2014’s ‘fake’ soundtrack album ‘Music for a Lost Film’. You can download that and more, for free, from blocSonic

Lyndon is also part of the duo [retreat] who’s debut material you can find here:

Note: Layers is released under the creative commons licence which basically means you can do whatever you like with it (and if you do, we’d probably like to see/hear it) unless you intend to get rich off it – in which case you should get in touch so we can share the spoils.