BBC 6Music Lives!

Tom Robinson played The Exhibition’s The Boy and The Tearaway very early this morning on his brilliant Fresh On The Net show for BBC 6Music. You can listen again –  so long as you do so in the next 7 days – via the link below. The track comes in around 1:14 into the show just after some words from Sir Jarvis Cocker. Tom also says a few words after clearly being over-excited by the drums fills in the dieing seconds.

Listen again with iplayer

There will also be two brand new The Exhibition tracks up for free download by this time next week and hopefully some pre-order links for Alvarez Kings’ debut single The Sequel.

The track is also one of only ten chosen for the podcast of the show available here, which has less words and, unlike the iPlayer link, will be available till the very death of time.

One response to “BBC 6Music Lives!

  1. The Exhibition’s EP has been constantly played since I downloaded it – looking forward to the two new tracks.

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