The Favio Bechthold Situation | Free Download

Please welcome to the Of National Importance Roster, The Favio Bechthold Situation, a musical project consisting of one sole member: Favio Bechthold. Favio is a music composer originally from Vancouver, Canada, who has resided in South Yorkshire, England for the past four years. The Favio Bechthold Situation’s style ranges from the epic sweep and earthy funk of David Axelrod to Krautrock. Self-producing the bulk of his work, Favio prefers recording in bedrooms and bathrooms rather than studios. Currently on tour in North America, the debut EP “Folk In Hell” will be released early 2011 through Of National Importance Records.

A preview of the EP, in the form of lead track “Sebulba’s Radish Garden”, can be downloaded for free from the following links below:

Direct ONIR Download | Last FM | MediaFire | Soundcloud

More EP preview:

News to come in November on releases from Alvarez Kings and a special Christmas show with The Exhibition

Dar la bienvenida

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