ONI05 | GoldSoul “Blood Red” | Released Today

Today is a day marked by the release of GoldSoul‘s debut single ‘Blood Red‘.

The single, recorded with Ben Ridley at Eye on the Wall Recordings, is available on 7″ Vinyl (here) and digital download. We’ve tried to include most of the digital links below, but you may well find it yourself elsewhere. As always the cheapest place you’ll find the full downloads will be our own Bandcamp store.

Frequenc Pictures have been working on a video for the single that will be available very soon, in the meantime here’s a little look behind the scenes at the recording sessions.

Unfortunately, the vinyl pre-orders have been slightly delayed, due to a little mix-up at the pressing plant, and this means that those of you that have done so will likely receive your copy later this week rather than today as we all would have liked. Thank you and sorry. There’ll be a little gift enclosed in your mail as a means of compensation and you should have received a separate email with links to download the tracks today. Email us if not.

Here’s some words the press have written regarding the single:

“It reminds fans of their favourite bands and reaffirms the reasons they looked on so fondly at said acts, whilst bringing to the table fresh blood that can carry the torch further… it is ballsy, and it definitely sweats pure grit.” Soundsphere Magazine

“It packs a bigger wallop than you’ll typically find in the genre, and they have clouded everything with a radio unfriendly fuzz.” Collective Zine



Lots more newsy bits went out to the mailing list today including a couple of free mp3s from The Favio Bechthold Situation and The Exhibition. If you missed that you can find it here, and sign up for the next one here.

If you’re viewing this post in Facebook and all is not right, you might be better off here.


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