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Of National Importance Records 2009-2015 (…and a bit more)

The crown
Of National Importance Records is pretty much over. Possibly for a long while but maybe forever. The shop is still open for downloads and shipping of the last few physical releases and will remain so for as long as God allows. Below is everything that remains of ONI…
Shop here
ONI19: Lyndon Scarfe | Music for a Lost Film 2 | Digital | Free Download
ONI18: Lyndon Scarfe | Layers EP | Digital | Free Download
ONI17: Various Artists | Misophonic Minds: ACOBCC | Download £2
ONI16: L.L. Owler | After Yourself | Free Download
ONI15: The Black Lamps | The Black Lamps | LP £12/CD £7/Download £5
ONI14: The Exhibition | Carry to the End | CD Unavailable/Download £1
ONIP05: The Exhibition | Finis | Free Download
ONI13: Aztec Doll | Bowdlerize | Free Download
ONI12: The Exhibition | Roma/Forward in Arms | Free Download
ONI11: McCarthy Vigil | McCarthy Vigil | Free Download
ONI10: The Exhibition | Man Proposes, God Disposes | Free Download
ONI09: Aztec Doll | Endlessly | Free Download
ONI08: Various Artists | Pareidolia | CD  Unavailable/Download £1/T-shirt Unavailable
ONI07: Alvarez Kings | Cold Conscience | Unavailable
ONIP04: The Favio Bechthold Situation | Folk in Hell | Free Download
ONIP03: Alvarez Kings | Walking in the Air | Free Download
ONI5.5: Various Artists | The Dechaired EP | Unavailable
ONI05: GoldSoul | Blood Red | 7″ Vinyl £2.50/Download £1
ONI04: Alvarez Kings | Patience Is Strength | Unavailable
ONI03:Various Artists | Things That Aren’t There: ACOBCC | Free Download
ONIP02: Dan Williamson | Breaking Tables | Free Download
ONI02: The Exhibition | The Crown/Coma | Vinyl Unavailable/Download £1
ONIP01: The Exhibition | Balancing Act/Lingua Franca | Free Download
ONI01: Alvarez Kings | The Sequel | Unavailable
ONI00: The Exhibition | 4-Track Demo EP | Free Download
Top Image by Hattie Lockwood

The Cedar Room | 13/08/2011

ONI05 | GoldSoul “Blood Red” | Released Today

Today is a day marked by the release of GoldSoul‘s debut single ‘Blood Red‘.

The single, recorded with Ben Ridley at Eye on the Wall Recordings, is available on 7″ Vinyl (here) and digital download. We’ve tried to include most of the digital links below, but you may well find it yourself elsewhere. As always the cheapest place you’ll find the full downloads will be our own Bandcamp store.

Frequenc Pictures have been working on a video for the single that will be available very soon, in the meantime here’s a little look behind the scenes at the recording sessions.

Unfortunately, the vinyl pre-orders have been slightly delayed, due to a little mix-up at the pressing plant, and this means that those of you that have done so will likely receive your copy later this week rather than today as we all would have liked. Thank you and sorry. There’ll be a little gift enclosed in your mail as a means of compensation and you should have received a separate email with links to download the tracks today. Email us if not.

Here’s some words the press have written regarding the single:

“It reminds fans of their favourite bands and reaffirms the reasons they looked on so fondly at said acts, whilst bringing to the table fresh blood that can carry the torch further… it is ballsy, and it definitely sweats pure grit.” Soundsphere Magazine

“It packs a bigger wallop than you’ll typically find in the genre, and they have clouded everything with a radio unfriendly fuzz.” Collective Zine


Lots more newsy bits went out to the mailing list today including a couple of free mp3s from The Favio Bechthold Situation and The Exhibition. If you missed that you can find it here, and sign up for the next one here.

If you’re viewing this post in Facebook and all is not right, you might be better off here.


GoldSoul – Blood Red | Pre-Order

The 6th of June 2011 will see GoldSoul welcomed to the Of National Importance Records roster with the release of their debut single ‘Blood Red’. Backed with live favourite ‘Waiting a Lifetime’, the two tracks will be available on limited edition blood red 7″ vinyl and digital download. Pre-orders are available from our shop now complete with free digital download, whilst the first will also come with copies of our newly released 10-track ‘Dechaired EP’ and free pin-badges. Here’s what Exposed Magazine had to say of the single:

“In amongst those Common People, Mardy Bums, and Bigger Boys & Stolen Sweethearts, GoldSoul are tarnishing the Steel City with their taste of Black Rebel sleazy rock. Brash and reckless, it’s a track that doesn’t take shit from anyone, with its lead guitar enveloping like a piercing bullet, only to be restrained and outdone by a thick thump of a bassline that rips and roars around breaking as much as it possibly can. Leading the rebellion is singer David Mapson. Wild and untamed, his growling vocals bellow: “It’s a long road to the city lights, won’t you come sit and sing with me tonight?”. Whilst Artcic Monkeys are trying a style of similar vein in recent years, here’s a worthy alternative.” 7/10

Listen to the release in full below:

More? Below is a video from the filming sessions for the blood red video with Frequency Pictures, plus the Michael Mulholland cover of Blood Red and a free download of GoldSoul track ‘South Sun City Blues’. Enjoy

Michael Mulholland – ‘Blood Red’:

South Sun City Blues MP3; also available on the TTAT Compilation.


Look out for gigs over the next month from The Exhibition at this year’s Love Music Hate Racism Festival in Barnsley (a 5.15 slot at The Cedar Room as apposed to the advertised 8.30), Dan Williamson playing XRAYHORSE XIV at the Harley in Sheffield with Elephant Keys and Jack and the Beanstalks, plus Alvarez Kings returning from their European tour with an appearance at The Plug along with various festival slots.

A New Year

Thank you to everyone that has so far downloaded the compilation album ‘Things That Aren’t There’ (still available here), and even bigger thanks to those of you that gave a little to the Willow Foundation in exchange. If you were one of the first people to donate you will have received an email this week about receiving kindly donated copies of the Cocean EP and The Exhibition single that were part of the giveaway. If you enjoyed what you heard, here’s where you might like to delve a little further:

  • Imoko Set have three other tracks, including ‘Into The Dark’, a track from the same sessions as ‘This is the Language’, available for free download from their Soundcloud page.
  • The Exhibition’s debut single is available on 7″ vinyl from our own shop, whilst there are free downloads galore over on
  • Cocean’s EP ‘Pictures Fade’ (Seduction Records), and their split single with, another local band, Lines In Sand (Inhaler Records), are both available through itunes.
  • The North are now Toba Caldera. Find their free demo here.
  • Richard Kitson’s debut album ‘Home and Dry’ featuring the track ‘Low Tide’ is available for just £5 through
  • McCarthy Vigil have some brand new tracks uploaded over on their Soundcloud page.
  • The 4-track Penguin. EP ‘This is Believing’ is available via itunes and through Dead Sober Records.
  • Hear more from The Favio Bechthold Situation on his Myspace page and look out for a full release through Of National Importance Records in the near future.
  • Goldsoul track ‘Fake’ is available to download for free here, their debut single will be released very soon.
  • Various Charlie North albums including ‘The Spaces Inbetween’ – from which ‘Early Morning Call’ is taken – are available from Charlie’s Bandcamp page.
  • Liam Stewart’s highly recommended album ‘Sixteen Words’ is available in its entirety for free via the Blocsonic label (as are the maxi-singles ‘Sooner’ and ‘Bird of Prey’.)
  • You can find more tracks from The Glavins over on their Myspace page here.
  • Goodbye Good’s self-titled and brilliant debut album is available from Pick Out a Good Note Records.
  • Mynas have their debut album available now through their own shop at
  • ‘Up From the Deep’ is the latest album from Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts, available along with much more from
  • Lyndon Scarfe has six tracks available to download for free over at
  • All tracks from Kafka are also available to download completely for free via his Soundcloud page.

In home news, we have a lot of releases coming up in the first half of 2011. Firstly we’ll be dealing with the UK side of the Alvarez Kings ‘Patience is strength’ EP release, followed most likely by a couple of soon to be announced projects with bands new to the label in  the early summer.

The Exhibition are nominated in two categories at this year’s Sheffield Scenester Awards. You can’t influence the results as such yourself but you might enjoy the ceremony which takes place tonight (31/01/11) at Soyo. News on The Exhibition’s live return and new recordings will likely come your way over the next few months.


Top Photo by Kojiki Design

A Corner of Barnsley Counter Culture | TTAT Available Now!

17 tracks cast from the concrete hands of Barnsley Town, available to download now! Featuring tracks from Cocean, The Exhibition, The Favio Bechthold Situation, Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts, The Glavins, Goldsoul, Goodbye Good, Imoko Set, Kafka, Richard Kitson, McCarthy Vigil, Mynas, Charlie North, The North, Penguin, Lyndon Scarfe and Liam Stewart. If you’d like to own this digital album, and can afford to do so, then please do donate whatever you can to the very worthwhile cause that is the Willow Foundation (donations via Paypal, debit and credit card are prompted upon download). If you’ve already spent your entire earnings in celebrating the birth of Christ then please feel welcome to download the album for free, but consider donating to the charity in the new year (you can do so here) and maybe attending one of these wonderful nights to marvel at what else our town has to offer:

The Cedar Room | Burn Down The Disco | BOM
The Malcolm Shotton Gentlemens Club | Indiemand

Click the banner below to download and donate now

Please be patient with the download, the initial email shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes (check your spam/junk if not) whilst the download will take a fair few more. If you’re having any problems then please check here first, and if you still find yourself wanting then feel free to email us as aggressively as you may feel necessary.

Thank You.

Artwork and full album credits are available here: Things That Aren’t There

If you don’t trust the internet and would like to donate via any other method, no matter how obscure, then please download the compilation guilt free and contact us or see if your fears are countered here.

The Exhibition + Cocean + Goldsoul + Breaking

This Friday sees the launch party for ONI02, the debut single from The Exhibition. The party will take place at Barnsley Lucorum in conjunction with Burn Down The Disco promotions on June 4th, 8:00 pm local time. Support comes from Cocean, Goldsoul and Breaking Tables. You only need lay your eyes upon the words of the above poster to see how beautiful this night will be. It will also be your first chance hold a copy of single The Crown/Coma on 7″ vinyl, at the small cost of £3. Unless you’ve pre-ordered a copy that is…

Listen to The Crown/Coma by The Exhibition and see what writings these sounds have inspired HERE. Pre-Order your copy on 7″ vinyl with Free CD/download HERE.

Keep your ear to the digital floor for news of three new releases from Of National Importance Records to come very soon; possibly before our Birthday. Including some of the best work ever from one of  the old guard, plus an EP from a brand new Sheffield based artist and a compilation of some strange sorts. If you’d like to be the first to find out about that and much more, including a soon to be published interview with The Exhibition, then sign up to the mailing list by emailing with ‘we are one’ in the subject.

Thank You…