Other Words for Pareidolia

A selection of nice things that have been written about our recent compilation EP

“In case you’d not twigged this release yells quality from beginning to end, and if it sounds like I’m on some music journo hype quest, then sure, I’m guilty as charged – simply because this release is one to get excited about.” 9/10 Christopher Nosnibor for Whisperinandhollerin

“This whole album, from the tracks, to the recordings, to the artwork gives a true feeling of a home made product and, sometimes, it is just very pleasant and overwhelming to go back to the roots. Full of discoveries and talent, this album is a must-listen!” Emillie Devillet for Music News

“As soon as the CD stops spinning, I play the whole thing again, and again, and again. Paredolia is the fire in the belly that burns in so many smalls towns like ours. Its creativity and quality sits far above most other bands, yet seldom gets noticed by those out there in the big cities. Dark, brooding and ultimately uplifting, Pareidolia is really a true record of national importance.” Jason White for Alternative Barnsley

“I don’t need to have Pareidolia, or experience it or whatever to look into this compilation and see some bright futures.”  Backseat Mafia

“By all indications this collection is proof that Barnsley is ready to be put on the musical map. Well, for something other than being the birthplace of Saxon” Mary Chang for There Goes the Fear

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