Wah Wah Records | The Return of New Music

WahWahRecordsWe’re very happy to see that another beautiful looking record shop will be opening close by tomorrow (Tuesday 01/04/14). Wah Wah Records is located on Brook Street in Wakefield and will be selling just about everything by the looks; new releases, second hand gems and ONI releases, which we are of course ever grateful for. Please do drop by and take a look when you get the chance or get yourself excited now by having a peak on Facebook or Twitter.

The great man behind Wah Wah appeared on BBC Leeds Introducing last Saturday evening and quite brilliantly played a very very new track by The Exhibition named Artery. You can listen to that again by clicking here (28 minutes in). That link will only be live until the 4th of April and then that will most likely be the last you’ll hear of Artery until it’s released in a grander format with some other tracks in the summer. There will be more to come from The Exhibition in the coming weeks though.

Finally, we are very excited to be releasing some brand new material from McCarthy Vigil in the form of an EP which will be available to download very soon. These are the first new recordings the band have released since Chinese Candle appeared on the Pareidolia compilation last year and they sound absolutely fantastic if we do say so ourself. There will be a lot more details on that next week – we promise – but for now you can enjoy an ear taster in the form of The Wives below:

And here’s some words from other sources to prove just how good McCarthy Vigil are:

“McCarthy Vigil know exactly when and how to break it down and inject some balls” Bearded Magazine
“Soaked in echo and showcasing singer Andy Sutcliffe’s delicate, emotion tinged vocals, before flowering into a lovely indiepop singalong” Backseat Mafia
“Finger-picked folk melodies combine with tremolo Bright Eyes-like vocals unfolding like a Sunday morning stretch, with a lovely head-nodding coda over slippery chiming guitar sonics” Sounds XP
“Measured, hushed, atmospheric and sedate” 9/10  Whisperinandhollerin
“McCarthy Vigil have an exciting rawness and an honesty to their sound which could grow into something really interesting” Leeds Music Scene
“Angular Talking Heads rhythms and an amazing agitated energy that really excited me.”  Alternative Barnsley

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