Introducing The Exhibition

Yorkshire Music Collective chats to The Exhibition from Barnsley

YMC: Tell us something about the band, when did you form, who are the members?

We formed the band in Spring 2008. Joel plays the guitar, Murray the bass, Chris the drums and Pete plays another guitar and a voice.

YMC: How would you describe your music?

Toothache then no toothache.

YMC: Do you all take part in the songwriting?

Yes. One person usually comes up with an initial idea, then the rest get involved, each bringing something to the table. Think of a tiny sapling slowly developing into a Coast Douglas-fir.

YMC: You have just released your third demo EP, where is it available?

You can get your hands on a CD at our gigs or you can request one by emailing –
Alternatively, you can download the 4 tracks from a link on our Myspace page or Facebook group. The songs are:

The Boy and the Tearaway
Things That Hide in the Dark
Bright New Worlds

YMC: You will be releasing a single in 2010, is this a song from one of your demos or a new one?

It will be a brand new track. We’re writing and rehearsing new material at the moment, hence a slight break from gigging.

YMC: Do you have any other plans for 2010?

2010 should see plenty of gigs around Yorkshire beginning on January 8th at Escobar, in Wakefield. We will also be recording the new tracks for the single as soon as they are ready. Keep up to date with proceedings on our Myspace page.

Yorkshire Music Collective On Myspace

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