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ONI02 | The Exhibition | Debut Single!

The 7th of June will see The Exhibition release their debut double A-side single The Crown/Coma through Of National Importance Records. Available on limited edition 7″ vinyl and digital download, the release is made up of two brand new tracks recorded with Dave Sanderson at 2fly Studios in Sheffield. Copies are available to pre-order from the shop now for just £3.00 and will be available on all major download sites from the release date. You’ll have to wait a little while longer to hear the tracks in full but pre-ordering now will give you the option of receiving free Mp3s of the tracks before the release date or waiting it out to receive a free CDR via her Majesty’s finest footmen.

Previews of the tracks are available below. If you’d like something more substantial to fill your needs then two other tracks from the very same recording sessions, Lingua Franca and Balancing Act, can be downloaded for free by clicking HERE.

Meanwhile Bright New Worlds has been tearing up the webwaves, featuring on podcasts by Quack Spout and Pop Panzer recently, whilst the very first review of The Crown/Coma also coincides with our first forray into the Belgian press; read more via the lovely The Original Sin.

Finally don’t forget to check out The Exhibitions Myspace for a gig near you or join the Facebook group to keep up to date with their future excursions. If you visit the shop you’ll also find the remaining copies of Alvarez Kings’  debut single The Sequel on limited CD for just £2.00 – or download for an amazing 138 pence – plus tickets for The Exhibitions Sheffield gig at The Plug (cheaper than anywhere else).

Thank You.

Of National Importance Records on Twitter

A Little More Press For The Exhibition EP

One of the best things I have heard in a while… almost reaches anthemic proportions

All upbeat and heavily catchy bass riffs and drums exploding behind a scuzzy guitar
Sheffield Scenester

Tight, taught guitars inter-knit with each other in front of super crisp drums that often spill into furious fills
Brill Dream

Intelligently entwined guitar work, eye for inventiveness and knack for float away choruses. They seem breezy on the surface, but there’s that underlying edge of delightful darkness which keeps them dangerous
Live Music Scene

Gravitating through the dark space, churning away in a minor turmoil, grasping for an elusive something
Russel’s reviews

Pheonix FM’s Yorkshire Underground Band Show also made the EP their Secret Pick of the Week and played the track Bright New Worlds. A podcast of the show can be downloaded from here.

New Years Update

The Exhibition’s The Boy and the Tearaway was played by Jenny Cork on BBC Sheffield’s Raw Talent show 14/01. You can listen again on the link below. The track plays around seven minutes into the program:

BBC iPlayer

And more reviews have trickled in for The Exhibitions latest Demo EP which can still be downloaded for free from Last FM or Zshare

“It’s executed brilliantly, and sounds natural rather than forced, and what’s more – and this is the real clincher – the vocals are slightly low in the mix amidst a swirling maelstrom of shoegaze guitars and truly mammoth drums, propelled by some frenetic fills.”
Whisperin And Hollerin

“As pure a piece of indie powered-pop as you could wish to hear”
The Beat Surrender

“There are many moments of great invention – guitars weave in and out of each other beautifully”
Tasty Fanzine

“The Exhibition have a talent for writing riffs to lighten up dark lyrics, it works well and their edgier rockier pop sound gives them something just a little different”
Sheffield Music Scene (Page 45)

“The instrumention throughout is uniformly great as are the quality of the vocals… anthemically catchy”
Beer And Bands

Music Community tunatheday.com also featured The Exhibition’s track Reaction as their Catch Of The Day for 18/01

Whisperin And Hollerin EP Review

Our Rating: 9/10
By Christopher Nosnibor

So many bands that so obviously invite Smiths comparisons and so badly fall so desperately short… and then along come The Exhibition. ‘The Boy and the Tearaway,’ the first track on this EP had more than a hint of Mozzer about it, primarily in the vocals. The inflections, the slightly throaty tone… but it’s executed brilliantly, and sounds natural rather than forced, and what’s more – and this is the real clincher – the vocals are slightly low in the mix amidst a swirling maelstrom of shoegaze guitars and truly mammoth drums, propelled by some frenetic fills.

Ok, so they’ve got my attention. ‘Bright New Worlds’ doesn’t have the same epic sound, but is taut and urgent, with a mod edge that’s just discernible. There’s no let up with the blustery ‘Things That Hide in the Dark,’ before racing to ‘Reaction,’ which is again reminiscent of The Smiths only with a whole lot more muscle and an injection of testosterone, with a fiddly, fidgety lead guitar line and a vocal that manages to convey some measure of emotion despite the lyrics being largely indecipherable.

It’s a solid set, which not only showcases a band who clearly have a lot to offer, but which provides further evidence of the changes going on in the music industry – they’re referring to it as a demo and it’s being given away at the band’s gigs and is available as a free download, but is of a standard that makes you wonder why they’re not getting some serious coverage and shifting units. At least they’re doing it for the right reasons, as they’re clearly not getting rich from doing this. Which seems rather unjust, really…


Introducing The Exhibition

Yorkshire Music Collective chats to The Exhibition from Barnsley

YMC: Tell us something about the band, when did you form, who are the members?

We formed the band in Spring 2008. Joel plays the guitar, Murray the bass, Chris the drums and Pete plays another guitar and a voice.

YMC: How would you describe your music?

Toothache then no toothache.

YMC: Do you all take part in the songwriting?

Yes. One person usually comes up with an initial idea, then the rest get involved, each bringing something to the table. Think of a tiny sapling slowly developing into a Coast Douglas-fir.

YMC: You have just released your third demo EP, where is it available?

You can get your hands on a CD at our gigs or you can request one by emailing – peteexhibit@hotmail.co.uk.
Alternatively, you can download the 4 tracks from a link on our Myspace page or Facebook group. The songs are:

The Boy and the Tearaway
Things That Hide in the Dark
Bright New Worlds

YMC: You will be releasing a single in 2010, is this a song from one of your demos or a new one?

It will be a brand new track. We’re writing and rehearsing new material at the moment, hence a slight break from gigging.

YMC: Do you have any other plans for 2010?

2010 should see plenty of gigs around Yorkshire beginning on January 8th at Escobar, in Wakefield. We will also be recording the new tracks for the single as soon as they are ready. Keep up to date with proceedings on our Myspace page.

Yorkshire Music Collective On Myspace