A Little More Press For The Exhibition EP

One of the best things I have heard in a while… almost reaches anthemic proportions

All upbeat and heavily catchy bass riffs and drums exploding behind a scuzzy guitar
Sheffield Scenester

Tight, taught guitars inter-knit with each other in front of super crisp drums that often spill into furious fills
Brill Dream

Intelligently entwined guitar work, eye for inventiveness and knack for float away choruses. They seem breezy on the surface, but there’s that underlying edge of delightful darkness which keeps them dangerous
Live Music Scene

Gravitating through the dark space, churning away in a minor turmoil, grasping for an elusive something
Russel’s reviews

Pheonix FM’s Yorkshire Underground Band Show also made the EP their Secret Pick of the Week and played the track Bright New Worlds. A podcast of the show can be downloaded from here.

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