New Years Update

The Exhibition’s The Boy and the Tearaway was played by Jenny Cork on BBC Sheffield’s Raw Talent show 14/01. You can listen again on the link below. The track plays around seven minutes into the program:

BBC iPlayer

And more reviews have trickled in for The Exhibitions latest Demo EP which can still be downloaded for free from Last FM or Zshare

“It’s executed brilliantly, and sounds natural rather than forced, and what’s more – and this is the real clincher – the vocals are slightly low in the mix amidst a swirling maelstrom of shoegaze guitars and truly mammoth drums, propelled by some frenetic fills.”
Whisperin And Hollerin

“As pure a piece of indie powered-pop as you could wish to hear”
The Beat Surrender

“There are many moments of great invention – guitars weave in and out of each other beautifully”
Tasty Fanzine

“The Exhibition have a talent for writing riffs to lighten up dark lyrics, it works well and their edgier rockier pop sound gives them something just a little different”
Sheffield Music Scene (Page 45)

“The instrumention throughout is uniformly great as are the quality of the vocals… anthemically catchy”
Beer And Bands

Music Community also featured The Exhibition’s track Reaction as their Catch Of The Day for 18/01

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