The Exhibition + Cocean + Goldsoul + Breaking

This Friday sees the launch party for ONI02, the debut single from The Exhibition. The party will take place at Barnsley Lucorum in conjunction with Burn Down The Disco promotions on June 4th, 8:00 pm local time. Support comes from Cocean, Goldsoul and Breaking Tables. You only need lay your eyes upon the words of the above poster to see how beautiful this night will be. It will also be your first chance hold a copy of single The Crown/Coma on 7″ vinyl, at the small cost of £3. Unless you’ve pre-ordered a copy that is…

Listen to The Crown/Coma by The Exhibition and see what writings these sounds have inspired HERE. Pre-Order your copy on 7″ vinyl with Free CD/download HERE.

Keep your ear to the digital floor for news of three new releases from Of National Importance Records to come very soon; possibly before our Birthday. Including some of the best work ever from one of  the old guard, plus an EP from a brand new Sheffield based artist and a compilation of some strange sorts. If you’d like to be the first to find out about that and much more, including a soon to be published interview with The Exhibition, then sign up to the mailing list by emailing with ‘we are one’ in the subject.

Thank You…

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