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Of National Importance Records 2009-2015 (…and a bit more)

The crown
Of National Importance Records is pretty much over. Possibly for a long while but maybe forever. The shop is still open for downloads and shipping of the last few physical releases and will remain so for as long as God allows. Below is everything that remains of ONI…
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ONI19: Lyndon Scarfe | Music for a Lost Film 2 | Digital | Free Download
ONI18: Lyndon Scarfe | Layers EP | Digital | Free Download
ONI17: Various Artists | Misophonic Minds: ACOBCC | Download £2
ONI16: L.L. Owler | After Yourself | Free Download
ONI15: The Black Lamps | The Black Lamps | LP £12/CD £7/Download £5
ONI14: The Exhibition | Carry to the End | CD Unavailable/Download £1
ONIP05: The Exhibition | Finis | Free Download
ONI13: Aztec Doll | Bowdlerize | Free Download
ONI12: The Exhibition | Roma/Forward in Arms | Free Download
ONI11: McCarthy Vigil | McCarthy Vigil | Free Download
ONI10: The Exhibition | Man Proposes, God Disposes | Free Download
ONI09: Aztec Doll | Endlessly | Free Download
ONI08: Various Artists | Pareidolia | CD  Unavailable/Download £1/T-shirt Unavailable
ONI07: Alvarez Kings | Cold Conscience | Unavailable
ONIP04: The Favio Bechthold Situation | Folk in Hell | Free Download
ONIP03: Alvarez Kings | Walking in the Air | Free Download
ONI5.5: Various Artists | The Dechaired EP | Unavailable
ONI05: GoldSoul | Blood Red | 7″ Vinyl £2.50/Download £1
ONI04: Alvarez Kings | Patience Is Strength | Unavailable
ONI03:Various Artists | Things That Aren’t There: ACOBCC | Free Download
ONIP02: Dan Williamson | Breaking Tables | Free Download
ONI02: The Exhibition | The Crown/Coma | Vinyl Unavailable/Download £1
ONIP01: The Exhibition | Balancing Act/Lingua Franca | Free Download
ONI01: Alvarez Kings | The Sequel | Unavailable
ONI00: The Exhibition | 4-Track Demo EP | Free Download
Top Image by Hattie Lockwood

The Cedar Room | 13/08/2011

New Sounds

Above is the new video for Dan Williamson’s track ‘I Cooked Her Heart’. The song is taken from Fat Elephant studio’s forthcoming ‘Under The Stairs’ EP, which also features contributions from Elephant Keys and Whispering Dolls.

Below are a few other things you may or may not have heard before:

‘Lowest Far Left Area’ (Demo) by The Favio Bechthold Situation. Free Download

‘Beginning and Ending’ by The Exhibition. Free Download

‘Patience is Strength’ [Orion Studio Version] by Alvarez Kings

Of Local Importance

An ever looming and beautiful looking gig at the Harley in Sheffield, featuring our friends Dan Williamson, Elephant Keys and Jack and the Beanstalks amongst others.

Choose your vendor: See Tickets | We Got Tickets

Live – Barnsley, Sheffield, Verona.

Gigs: Alvarez Kings will be headlining their first European tour this month after Launching the EP ‘Patience is Strength’ at a secret location is Sheffield. Dan Williamson meanwhile – also appearing at said launch party – has a string of  his own Sheffield dates planned and The Exhibition will be making a live return at The Cedar Room in Barnsley with a slightly adjusted lineup. Full dates below:

Dan Williamson:

08/04/11 The Bowery Sheffield
9/04/11 Secret Location Sheffield
30/05/11 The Frog & Parrot Sheffield
11/05/11 The Frog & Parrot Sheffield
14/05/11 The Harley Sheffield
03/06/11 The Plug Sheffield

Alvarez Kings:

9/04/11 Secret Location (EP Release Party) Sheffield, UK
13/04/11 Cafe Video Ghent, Belgium
14/04/11 Hafen 2 Offenbach, Germany
16/04/11 Zwolfzehn Stuttgart, Germany
19/04/11 La Salumeria Del Rock Arceto, Italy
20/04/11 Esnoblog Trieste, Italy
21/04/11 Jack The Ripper Verona, Italy
22/04/11 Controsenso Club Prato, Italy
23/04/11 Cantine Mediterraneo Frosinone, Italy
24/04/11 Scimme Milano, Italy

The Exhibition:

30/04/11 The Cedar Room Barnsley

Top photo by Kev Williams

The Exhibition + Cocean + Goldsoul + Breaking

This Friday sees the launch party for ONI02, the debut single from The Exhibition. The party will take place at Barnsley Lucorum in conjunction with Burn Down The Disco promotions on June 4th, 8:00 pm local time. Support comes from Cocean, Goldsoul and Breaking Tables. You only need lay your eyes upon the words of the above poster to see how beautiful this night will be. It will also be your first chance hold a copy of single The Crown/Coma on 7″ vinyl, at the small cost of £3. Unless you’ve pre-ordered a copy that is…

Listen to The Crown/Coma by The Exhibition and see what writings these sounds have inspired HERE. Pre-Order your copy on 7″ vinyl with Free CD/download HERE.

Keep your ear to the digital floor for news of three new releases from Of National Importance Records to come very soon; possibly before our Birthday. Including some of the best work ever from one of  the old guard, plus an EP from a brand new Sheffield based artist and a compilation of some strange sorts. If you’d like to be the first to find out about that and much more, including a soon to be published interview with The Exhibition, then sign up to the mailing list by emailing with ‘we are one’ in the subject.

Thank You…